Eight translators selected for the Paul Celan Fellowships 2015/2016

Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators

The jury of the Paul Celan Fellowships selected eight translation projects  for the current term of the fellowship, a joint cooperation of ERSTE Foundation and the Institute of Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna.

Istvan Barany – Plato: Parmenides, Ancient Greek into Hungarian

Rima Bertasaviciute – Judith Butler: Gender Trouble, English into Lithuanian

Jan Biba – Nadia Urbinati: Democracy Disfigured: Opinion, Truth and the People, English into Czech

Jelka Kernev Strajn – Gilles Deleuze; Felix Guattari: L’Anti-Oedipe : Capitalisme et schizophrenie, French into Slovenian

Yustyna Kravchuk – Judith Butler: Frames of War: When Is Life Grievable?, English into Ukrainian

Alexandru Matei – Roland Barthes: Le Neutre. Cours au Collège de France (1977-1978), French into Romanian

Vesna Velkovrh Bukilica – Thomas Piketty: Le Capital au XXI siècle, French into Slovenian

Zlatko Wurzberg – Michel Foucault: Herméneutique du sujet. Cours au Collège de France, 1981-1982, French into Croatian

This year’s selection of books that will be translated during the upcoming term of the Paul Celan fellowships comprises mostly canonical texts starting from Ancient Greek philosophy (Plato’s Parmenides) through (post)modern classics like Roland Barthes‘ Le Neutre, Michel Foucault’s Herméneutique du sujet, Deleuze’s and Guattari‘s L’Anti-Oedipe and Judith Butler’s groundbreaking queer theory Gender Trouble.

The jury also voted for translation projects dealing with the current political and economic situation, choosing Biba’s translation of Nadia Urbinati’s book Democracy Disfigured: Opinion, Truth and the People into Czech as well as a much needed Ukrainian translation of Butler’s Frames of War. Finally, Thomas Piketty’s bestselling study on Le Capital au XXI siècle, which draws the big picture of financial and monetary policies, was chosen for translation into Slovenian language.

More information on the Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators can be found here.