Between Myth and Reality: Encounters with Roma

Exhibition opening: 3 October 2011, with guests from the local community
Duration of the exhibition: one week 
Museum of Art, Sf Gheorghe, Covasna County, Romania

With an estimated number of 10 million, the Roma are Europe’s largest ethnic group without a state territory. Be it in Eastern Europe or in Austria, the Roma are still disadvantaged, marginalized, and live under conditions fairly unknown by most other people. Four young photography students of Vienna’s Höhere Graphische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt – Matthias Dorninger, Stefanie Freynschlag, Anna Rogenhofer and Fabian Weiß – have set out to immerse into Roma life in the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. The result of this endeavor are touching artistic testimonies of everyday Roma life and of the dialogue that took place before the pictures were taken. With impressions from wedding and funeral ceremonies and from private homes, we would like to invite you to embark on the pictures of a reality of life in European countries that is widely secret and suppressed. Maybe you will discover that these pictures are much different from those in your heads…

After the very successful show in Vienna, the exhibition travels now to Romania.