“Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria” Mentoring for Kids

What do you connect with the idea of having a big brother or a big sister? Maybe some sort of protection, an older person with more experience who can help you out sometimes or someone you can talk to. The “Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria” mentoring programme takes that idea to help disadvantaged children.

What has become an established project in the US a long time ago has now also arrived in Austria. In 2014 the non-profit association “Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria” created a volunteer mentoring programme in Vienna. Since October 2016 there is such a mentoring programme for St. Pölten as well.

By matching volunteer mentors with children facing adversity, the programme strives to enable them to realize their full potential. The children and teenagers between the age of 6 and 17 looking for mentoring have been facing certain challenges, such as

1. having lost a sibling or one of their parents
2. violence in their family
3. having a family member with serious health issues
4. having grown up in a one-parent family
5. having a migration background
6. having other interests than their parents or
7. having recently moved to another place or school.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria stands for equality in education, equal chances and inter-generational exchange. The idea thus supports the integration process in Austria or as Franz Karl Prüller put it: ‘Inclusion means to give everyone the opportunity to make something of oneself.’

Participation in the programme is free. The candidates are carefully selected by means of a personal interview, background checks and a preparatory workshop. If you are interested in becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister, you need enthusiasm, the willingness to commit for at least one year and about two hours of your time per week. You may take your “Little” to the Museum, help them study for school or just have a conversation. The 1:1 mentoring helps increase the young peoples’ self-confidence and increase their chances of successfully completing their education.

For further Information please visit the Website: www.bigbrothers-bigsisters.at
Or email directly to: mentoring@bigborthers-bigsisters.at