Augustín (Gusto) Dobrovodský: Stoker in the Summer Cinema. At

"Gusto". Photo by Juraj Bartoš

and Summer Film festival of Augustín (Gusto) Dobrovodský vol.1 invites us all to the opening of the exhibition “Augustín (Gusto) Dobrovodský: Stoker in Summer Cinema”, and to the Summer Film Festival of Augustín (Gusto) Dobrovodský vol. 1.

“I’m not Gustáv, I’m Augustín”, he informed his fellow citizens when Gustáv Husák was elected president. That was one of the happenings of life of Gusto Dobrovodský, a poet and initiator calling his loved ones to the joy of the moment.

The Summer Film festival bears his name and is accompanied by an exhibition commemorating some of his many joyful performances.

The festival will be opened by screening of the film “The Day of Joy”, directed by his friend and director Dušan Hanák, documenting an action of Alex Mlynarčík.

The festival program includes a selection of short films by the youngest generation and other surprises.

Exhibition opening: 14.09. 2012 at 6pm
Currated by: Laco Teren
Photographs: Juraj Bartoš, Fero Engel, Miloš Krmíček, Milan Mrenica, Karel Slach, Roman Patočka, Miloš Vančo, and others.
Texts: Alexander Balogh, Andrej Stankovič

For more info about the exhibition and the film festival, please see here.