Audio Drama Resounding Lidice


The memorial area Lidice, Czech Republic

Lidice is a village northwest of Prague. It is built near the site of a previous village of the same name which was burned down by the Nazis in June 1942 and its inhabitants either executed or deported to concentration camps.

Since June 2012, Lidice’s visitors can listen to a unique outdoor audio exposition „Resounding Lidice“, while walking around the site of the sacred place. After borrowing a mobile phone with headphones they can set off to the empty valley, where Lidice was originally placed. The phone automatically plays dialogues reviving the traditional way of life in a village community. Particular parts of drama start playing automatically according to where the listener is located. The stories have been inspired by real destinies of residents of Lidice before the tragedy.

The project of the Sonosféra association is planned as a long-term exhibition starting in Czech and German languages, focusing on both children and adult audiences. It has the focus on oral history, trying to develop new artistic method of updating historical memory.

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