Atlas of Transformation an award-winning publication!

Atlas Transformace

Atlas of Transformation has been awarded 2 international awards:

Gold Medal: The Best Book Design from all over the World of the year 2010
from The Stiftung Buchkunst, Leipzig 

Unique of its kind in the world, this competition has been held in Leipzig since 1963 on an annual basis. The international competition assesses books which have previously been judged and singled out for merit by specialist panels in their respective countries of origin. For 2010 out of 596 books from 32 countries, 14 outstandingly designed books were selected by an independent international jury. 

Silver Medal: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2010 
from The Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Zurich

This contest recognizes excellence in the field of book design and production and aims at drawing attention to remarkable books by Swiss designers, printers and publishers. From 391 books the jury chose 19 as the most beautiful Swiss books of 2010.

About the Atlas of Transformation

Atlas of Transformation is a book with almost 800 pages. It is a sort of global guidebook of transformation processes reflecting socio-political and cultural transitions in different regions. With structured entries, its goal is to create a tool for the intellectual grasping of the processes of social and political change in countries that call themselves “countries of transformation” or are described by this term.

The Atlas of Transformation contains more than 260 “entries” and key terms of transformation and was first published in Czech in 2009. More than 100 authors from the whole world contributed to this book and also some influential period texts were republished here. The English edition was published in 2010 in co-operation with the Swiss publishing house JRP-Ringier.

Plans for publishing:
Distribution:  JRP-Ringier
Chief Editors:  Zbyněk Baladrán, Vít Havránek
Project Direction:  Věra Krejčová
Copy Editor:  Ivan Gutierrez
Graphic design:  Adéla Svobodová
Printer:  Helbich, a.s.

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