At your service

For the first time, ERSTE Foundation is this year also represented at VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, together with Technisches Museum Wien, and participates with the exhibition “AT YOUR SERVICE – ART AND LABOUR” at the annual design festival.

The main focus of this event is the exhibition design of „AT YOUR SERVICE“ and the joint working process between the “Walking Chair Design Studio” and the fashion designer Daniel Kroh  for the development of the “Hard Working Furniture”. The “Hard Working Furniture” is a composition of red stools, covered with recycled working clothes, that has been designed for this exhibition and represents once more the topic of labour within the exhibition design. “The table does his thing” is now a further step in this cooperation that creates a link between design and labour. In a talk, innovation as a result of interdisciplinary work will be discussed.

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AT YOUR SERVICE, or … “The table does his thing”
An event of the Vienna Design Week 2012
Date:  Sunday, 30 September 2012, starting at 11.30 a.m.
Location: Technisches Museum Wien, Mariahilfer Str 212, 1140 Vienna