Artslab 06, What if… and beyond


Open Systems is pleased to present ARTSLAB 06, What if… and beyond, which focuses on the trajectory of how we perceive our present now and distinguish it from the past. Contemporary art works are taken as a catalyst for the present. The exhibition of Open Systems begins by acknowledging as the project curator Vasja Nagy stated: “let’s agree that our lives are reality.” This is where the project takes off to engage with the ‘absence’ in its negation to who peaks and claims the truth in trying to bring into life what is not there within our society in general.

15 May – 15 August
Project curator
: Vasja Nagy
Participating artists: Vesna Bukovec, Bernhard Cella, Giulia Cilla, Yolanda Domínguez, Gani Llalloshi, Swoon, Sašo Sedlaček
Venue: Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern

7 June, 3 – 4.30 pm
Round table discussion Issue 05, Reader: BALKAN(S) NOW with Gülsen Bal and Dieter Hammer in conversation with Barbara Borčić and Vladimir Janchevski
The discussion platforms aims to generate European outsider’s perspective in consideration of the re-formulation of complex and unpredictable situations relevant to both their historical significance and contemporary displacement with a special focus on the current Eastern European artistic reality. The talk also addresses the continual processes of networks that cross disciplines, political and institutional status of each of the participants are formed and activated, sharing the vision of a ‘cohesive’ Europe through common action in the fields of art and culture as society’s most valuable grounding. The guest editors Gülsen Bal and Dieter Hammer invited to contribute newly produced inspiring articles by Barbara Borčić, Remont – Miroslav Karic, IRWIN – Borut Vogelnik, Zoran Pantelić, Kooperacija– Igor Toshevski, Lana Zdravkovic.

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