ARTMARGINS ARRIVES: Special Issue on Artists’ Network

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, the newest journal from the MIT Press, is a publication that fosters awareness and conversation about contemporary art within in an expanded field of practices. ARTMargins strives to locate commonalities and trajectories that connect, or divide, different regions of the world (including Eastern and Central Europe), bringing together artistic practices from (post-) transitional zones, while at the same time questioning the logic of transition itself.

The Special Issue on Artists’ Networks in Eastern Europe and Latin America (August – October 2012) deals with the following topics:

  • “Something Unnameable in Common”: Translocal Collaboration at the Beau Geste Press by Zanna Gilbert
  • Artistic Networks: From Effect to Affect and Its Translation by Paulina Varas Alarcón
  • NET, Dialogue, Responsibility, and the Third Circle: Jarosław Kozłowski in Conversation with Klara Kemp-Welch
  • International Hungary! György Galántai’s Networking Strategies by Jasmina Tumbas
  • A Window and a Basement: Negotiating Hospitality in La Galerie des Locataires and Podroom—The Working Community of Artists by Ivana Bago
  • Mail Art: A Bridge to Freedom by Clemente Padín
  • The Invisible Artists, or The Net Without a Fisherman . . . (My Life in Mail Art) by Graciela G. Gutiérrez Marx
  • Media Art in Argentina: Ideology and Critique “Después del Pop” by Karen Benezra
  • Review Article: In the Wake of “In the Wake of the Global Turn” by Aruna D’Souza
  • Document: From Visible and Invisible (1953) by Dolfi Trost (Introduction: Catherine Hansen)
  • Project: Black Sea by Aras Özgün

ARTMargins has evolved from the well-known website ARTMargins Online. The print journal, realized through the support of ERSTE Foundation, is edited by Sven Spieker and published by the MIT Press. The journal will release three issues per year.


Cover © 2012 ARTMargins and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cover image: Akram Zaatari. Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright, 2010. Detail from digital video, 12 min. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Sfeir Semler, Beirut, Lebanon. Photograph courtesy of MUSAC, Léon, Spain.