Artist in Residence, March 2017: Zuzana Duchová

Welcome to Vienna! Zuzana Duchová from Slovakia is artist in residence at the Q21/Museumsquartier in March.

Zuzana Duchová studied art history in Vienna and Bratislava, PhD. in spatial planning at SUT Bratislava. She worked as external lecturer at the TBU Zlín and SUT Bratislava. In addition to the theoretical investigation of the cultural life in cities, she co-organised a number of events at the intersection of art, architecture, creative tourism (Urban Re / Creation, Urban Reset). Zuzana Duchová edited 2 books about culture of Bratislava: BA! U-fu-tour guide and BA!! Places of Living Culture (1989 – 2016). She started a pop-up gallery and cultural refreshments at the train station called Salonik. Regularly she publishes articles about contemporary culture. Her areas of interest are: site specific art, national stereotypes, urban life, tourism and visual studies. Her parallel life is hardware jewellery design.

Her plans for Vienna:

Kurvakontextverschiebung / F*cking Shift of Context is an artistic research performed togehter with Jürgen Rendl, an Austrian born and Bratislava based radio editor and researcher, dedicated to peripheries and marginalszed knowledge. Guided by curiosity, he is constantly wandering, absorbing, and occasionally intervening at the fringes of urban life. Through site-specific art, Zuzana Duchová is interested in motivating people to engage in a more sensitive and creative perception of their living environment and architectural spaces.

I chose Südbahnhof as the topic and “showcase example” of the residency, as a model reference of above mentioned principles to explore the city, the unknown, the recent forgotten past, the periphery, the “other exotic” in the middle of normal routine.
Practical outcome of the project will be a text, collection of memories and historical data, which will build a base for a guided tour planned on 25.3. That will shift the tourist-guided tours into an artistic performance.”

Psychogeographic walk, 25 March 2016
The buildings of former and existing Viennese train stations underwent big shifts of place and context in the past 15 years. We will explore the everyday’s life of workers, travellers and citizens from the point of view of architecture and art history. We will tell the story of one city block full of dramatic changes. Do you know where the old Sudbahnhof was located and what is build on the spot now? How complicated is it to move an international station during full service? Maybe genius loci will come as well.

09.36 Meetingpoint 01: Bratislava Hlavná stanica, train to Vienna
10.45 Meetingpoint 02: Wien Hauptbahnhof, Haupteingang
11:00 start at the main hall