Artist-in-Residence in September and October: David Böhm


David Böhm, born in 1982, was schooled in painting and graphic techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague before veering into conceptual art. He lives and works in Prague.

“I mostly work in tandem with the artist Jiří Franta. Cooperation plays such a big role in our work! It’s a dialog of all sorts, yielding results quite unlike those of our individual output, whose inherent principle is that we respond to each other’s interventions, complement each other, submit to each other”, David Böhm says about his collaboration that started in 2006. “Drawing comes most natural to both of us. We see it as a tool for examining current events by association, and for adding personal (or found) commentaries. The creative process behind the drawing often matters more to us than the final product. The space in which we operate is defined by deliberately abandoning control over the final result and unveiling new possibilities through self-imposed constraints”, David Böhm explains.

During his residency in Vienna, he is preparing an exhibition for the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, a Czech prize   awarded annually to young visual artists.  “And I also plan to realise large-format drawings, which I hope will also be influenced by the location of their origin.”

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