Artist in Residence, August 2016: Roman Štětina

From Prague to Vienna: Roman Štětina from Czechia is this month’s Artist in Residence at the Q21 / Museumsquartier. After spending two years on the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main Roman graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He also lives currently in Czechia’s capital. Currently his works can be seen at Manifesta 11 in Zurich or at the MNAC Bucharest.

He gives us a short insight about his plans for the upcoming month in Vienna: “In my work, I explore media culture as a social construct with fixed practices and expectations. Through my installations, video and audiovisual interventions I interconnect my interest in sound and the spoken word, especially as it relates to radio, film and TV broadcasting, and the strong visual aspect of the objects or situations connected with it. One of my major sources of inspiration is the radio studio as an imaginary backstage, which remains hidden from the final recipients of the broadcasting. I aim to disrupt the status quo and make the invisible visible through interventions. I often stage typical production methods like sound editing, or recreate visual and performative situations, recontextualizing them in the gallery or even cinema space. I also find inspiration in cinematography as such. Through editorial interventions – removing or re-selecting some of the formal (pictorial or audio) components of films, I recreate new narratives, often in a more abstract sense of the moving image. The common feature in both of these approaches is the discovery of new transformations in the viewer’s experience and shifts in the image, as well as ‘sidestepping’ between divergent modes of presentation.”