Archis Interventions in Cyprus

archis_24 may

Archis Interventions organises a series of conferences and workshops in Nicosia, on 24 and 25 May, on the topics:

Urban Design, Urbanism, Urban Policy – Towards a New Expertise (24 May):
Architecture and urban development have become spheres of work within an increasingly internationalized political and economic framework. The spatial design disciplines are charged with the task of developing new forms of planning able to offer the prospect of a ‘better life’ for this new spatial and power structure. This demands that planning be repositioned. Click here for more details and full programme of the day.

Post-Conflict Development and Civic Imagination (Divided Cities) (25 May):
Social and political problems materialise in cities, but since every city is confronted with these problems and their potential future development, there is also a chance to actively influence the optimism of the residents, in ways that go beyond the provision of basic necessities. The pivotal meaning of the city as an agent for political and social change becomes particularly obvious in a post-conflict situation. In this case, a city’s development takes place under mostly unsafe, unstable conditions, and it is essentially defenseless against the mechanisms of political and economic events. This kind of city is scarred by conflicts; it is the expression of the crises in which the city finds itself. Click here for more details and full programme of the day.

Location: Home for Cooperation H4C, Nicosia UN Buffer Zone, Cyprus