Apply for “Tu was, dann tut sich was” 2013!


Austria’s first social festival  “Tu was, dann tut sich was” (Throw the ball to get things rolling) goes into the third round! After Lungau (2011) and the Styrian Iron Trail (2012),  we are now looking for the 2013 region.

Are you convinced that there are many unrealised ideas lurking in the region where you live?  Would you like to develop projects that make a contribution to more cooperation in your town?  If you are a local politician, regional manager or a citizen and interested in hosting “Tu was” in 2013, please apply until 30 September 2012.  Furthermore, the ifz (internationales forschungszentrum für soziale und ethische fragen) offers an info session for potential applicants on 30 August 2012.

More information about the “Tu was…” initiative, the application process and the info session is available here or at
The overall goal of the “Tu was…” initiative is to awake potential altruism in the region, strengthen it and make it visible to the community. Solidarity, which commonly is expressed through voluntarism in Austria, may cause deliberate self-reflection and counter growing individualism in our society. There are questions the “Tu was dann tut sich was”-projects want to find answers for: Where and how does altruism appear in our society, where can a lack of involvement be identified? What are the needs of human beings? Where do poverty, exclusion and hostility emerge and how can someone counter those developments? Where does altruism and solidarity become obvious and how can we advocate this culture? Tu was dann tut sich was is an initiative that has it’s genesis in the community. For it’s implementation the projects needs ideas directly from the society.