Anniversary exhibition at

Július Koller working on his exhibition 2005 - photo by: Lukáš Teren

The “tranzit workshops 2004-2013” exhibition is a live reflection of the body of work done by in the last years and will lead to a documentary book about’s ten years of existence.

The exhibition does not consist only of the documentation of past events, although documentary material such as photographs, books, videos etc. will be included too. Artists collaborating with on previous exhibitions are asked to present a new work of their own or a contribution to the reflection on the ten years of existence of tranzit in Slovakia and nine years in tranzit workshops.

Part of the exhibition is also a presentation of the activities of 13m3 civic association lead by Mariša Rišková, which resided in tranzit studios from 2007 until 2009 and was an integral part of its activities with many lectures, screenings, exhibitions in their space in the studios building and activist events. This presentation will be placed in the studios building.

The exhibition will last until 30 September 2013, with a final event of screening of a film about Julius Koller.

tranzit dielne/workshops, studená 12, 2004 – 2013
Opening: Tuesday, 23.07.2013 at 7 pm
Curated by: Laco Teren

exhibition is open: 24.7. – 29.9. 2013
exhibition is closed: 12.8. – 1.9. 2013