Artist in Residence in April: Andrea Dudas Fajgerne


This month Andrea Dudas Fajgerne from Hungary is the artist-in-residence at the quartier 21/ MuseumsQuartier.

The artist’s statement about her intentions for the residency: “During my stay at q21/MQ I would like to realise weekly one or two eat-art performances. I make eat-art performances, videos and photos. I will show my already existing performances (Green Paradise-Tomato; Haj’m Vénusz=Hey, I’m Venus; Candy Venus bakes; Raupeeintopf) and I will present new eat-art performances for Vienna’s people. Besides my research and my art I take interviews with contemporary Hungarian female artists (for example with Benczúr Emese, Németh Ilona, Eperjesi Ágnes, Csáky Marianne). During my residency programme in Vienna I also want to meet and conduct interviews with some contemporary women artists.”

For more informations about eat-art performances please click here.

Andrea Dudas Fajgerne got a degree as a painter in June 2011 at Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, under the wings of Orsolya Drozdik. She considers herself as a member of the new generation of women artists, while she also accept the role of wife. “I feel it is a radical decision to wear and use my husband’s surname (Fajgerné) and to express my belonging to him surrounded by women artists who do not act the same way” says Andrea Dudas Fajgerne.