A symbol comes to life: ERSTE Foundation has now its own beehive

Foto 1_Aleksandra Pawloff_ERSTE Stiftung_whats up

A hive of 15,000 bees from the Alpine foothills in Lower Austria moved to the “ERSTE Foundation beehive” on Tuesday, 17 April 2012. Even though environmental issues are not in fact part of ERSTE Foundation’s programme, the foundation has been using the bee in its logo since its inception. 

The bees’ new home is the roof of the Secession building, an exhibition hall in Vienna’s city centre. Adjacent to the foundation, 15 000 bees with a bee queen of the genus “Carniolan –Singer” are now living directly under the golden dome of Secession. By the end of July, the bee colony will reach 60 000 bees. Also in summer the first harvest will take place: about 50 kilos of honey will produced by the bees each year.

The Foundation bees are by the way not the only urban bees in Vienna:  Beehives can also be found on the historic roofs of the Vienna State Opera, the Burgtheater and the Natural History Museum.  In general, the city is a good habitat for the bees. “In the parks and green areas they find enough nourishment in the flowers,” the beekeepers Friedrich Haselsteiner and Heidrun Singer explain.  “The quality of honey produced by urban bees is in no way inferior to the honey of their rural counterparts.”  It is said that their honey will be even healthier than those of their colleagues on the countryside as there are almost no pesticides used.

For more information, see the press release or read the story behind our bee.