“A metaphor for political change and developments in Europe”

On 20 May 2015, only three days before the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, a debate about the political dimensions and potentials of the ESC took place at the Diplomatic Academy Vienna. Four artists and former ESC performers told their personal stories about how they experienced the political dimension of this gigantic media event. But that’s not all. With them on the panel was ‘Professor Eurovision Song Contest’ Dean Vuletic: The historian is teaching the world’s first regular university course on the history of the Eurovision Song Contest at Vienna University.

So should you want to know…

  • why donkeys don’t fit into the ESC,
  • that bridges should also be built between Vienna and Bratislava (not to mention Sarajevo, Zagreb and other cities in the region),
  • how political a song with the title “La La La” can be,
  • how Croatia has been showing some opportunism until they became a member of the EU,
  • how Austria pursues another strategy in nation branding than Italy,
  • how a performance of the most successful Czech band can flop, but changed the opinion of many people
  • how the Rounder Girls took the opportunity to act as self-appointed ambassadors for Austria and finally…
  • how the lines “I got no ambition, for high position and competition, with their condition” of the song Euro Neuro by Rambo Amadeus (2012) sounds performed as an aria?

Then you should watch the full video recording of the debate “0 Points for Europe. How Political is the Eurovision Song Contest?”