A kind of Electricity Appeared in Outer Space: exhibition and lecture series devoted to the 1960s

Sweet60s_September 2012_632 x 355

“A Kind of Electricity Appeared in Outer Space. Musical Turkey in the 1960s” is an exhibition curated by Derya Bengi, devoted to the 1960s, a time of important social transformations. The exhibition will bring together a rich selection of archival material with new artistic works in order to recreate the political, social and cultural atmosphere between two military coups – 27 May 1960 and 12 March 1971.

The product of an extensive research will be presented as an assemblage of diverse and interesting material from the 1960s: A compilation of 60s melodies permeating the exhibition space; record covers, news and magazine articles, postcards, musical notes, posters; musical Yeşilcam scenes in an open-air cinema setting; the adventures of hippies in Sultanahmet; the footprints of the 1968 movement; archival photographs of many figures from Erkin Koray to Ruhi Su; a timeline registering the eleven years between 1960 and 1971, presenting important events and lists of books, films and records that came out in these years and reflect the spirit of the time.

“A Kind of Electricity Appeared in Outer Space. Musical Turkey in the 1960s” was conceived in the framework of the international research project ‘Sweet 60s’ coordinated  by tranzit.at in collaboration with WHW, Zagreb and Anadolu Kültür, Istanbul. The project explores, through contemporary artistic and theoretical perspectives, the unknown, underestimated, and hidden contexts and territories of the 1960s that were omitted from the meta narrative of the “romantic revolutionary epoch.”

Date: 15 September – 24 October 2012
Opening: Friday 14 September, 18.30
Location: DEPO, Tütün Deposu, Lüleci Hendek Caddesi, no. 12, Tophane, İstanbul

During the exhibition a series of talks will be organised – for more information on the exhibition and the programme, visit tranzit.org