3rd FORMER WEST Research Congress, Part 1

3rd former west research congress 2

The two-part 3rd FORMER WEST Research Congress will focus on rearticulating the concept of Contemporary Art under the condition of  “former West” and speculating about art’s possibility in this radically transformative time.
If we imagine Contemporary Art to be a historical period that emerged from 1989 in parallel to other hegemonic formations such as global neoliberalism, could it be argued that, in sync with the current seismic shifts in society, politics, and economy, it has now reached a dead end? Is Contemporary Art – art in and of the epoch of neoliberalism – on its way out, together with the system that made it possible? What kind of challenges and possibilities might then lie before us in the space of art in times when “business as usual” is no longer an option? Can we speculate collectively on how to move beyond the present confines of Contemporary Art’s normalized and normalizing practices, and articulate what can appear from Contemporary Art’s “formerness?”

The first part of the Congress puts forward a number of propositions to engage with these questions during a two-day gathering of artistic and cultural practitioners in Vienna. Shaped by these discussions, Part Two unfolds in Utrecht in September 2012.  The 3rd FORMER WEST Research Congress follow the series of mobile discursive platforms are aimed at rendering visible and furthering the artistic, curatorial, and academic research in which the project FORMER WEST is grounded.  

More information can be found here.

Date: 19 – 20 April 2012
Registration for participation is open until 30 March 2012
Venue: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Secession, Vienna