3rd Biennial of Contemporary Art, D-0 ARK Underground Konjic

Biennial Konjic

The 3rd edition of the Project Biennale of Contemporary Art, D-0 ARK Underground takes place from 24 April until 24 October 2015 in Konjic, a small Bosnian town, in one of the most fascinating underground military shelters (named ARK), which the Yugoslav army built between 1953 and 1979.

In the period of Cold War, the Atomic shelter was built to accommodate and protect 350 people and enable the management and leadership of the armed forces in the event of nuclear war. ARK represents a historical and cultural heritage, and the idea that artists with their artworks breathe in a new life to this space opens good perspectives and potentials for development in the future. Project Biennale involves different generations of artists, art critics and curators, as well as philosophers, sociologists and cultural anthropologists.

The final goal of Project Biennial is the transformation of the Atomic Shelter into a hybrid Cold War-Artistic-Museum, unique in the world.

The invited artists of the 3rd edition of the Biennial contribute site-specific or thematically related works, which redifine the contextual parameters of reading and understanding of “Tito’s nuclear shelter”. They are commenting on the formation of critical social discourses and alternative ways of life in the time of the Cold War and their effects on present-day contexts.

In the context of the Biennial, ERSTE Foundation supports the production of new artistic projects by Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade), Adela Jušić (Sarajevo) and Semir Mustafa Dedeić (Rožaj/Sarajevo).

Project Biennial is an attempt to transform not only the bunker, but also the priorities of society. From two editions of the Project in Atomic shelter on permanent display are 80 artworks of 68 artists from 28 countries, so the Bunker already looks like a Museum of Contemporary Art. The new generations of young people have no other memory but suspicion toward others, often their close neighbours. In order to understand the contemporary world and our position in it, like the Cold War itself, the envisaged actions target whole populations, regardless of age, gender or any self-defined or externally imposed affiliation.