• Social Development

    MESTESHUKAR BUTIQ: Evolution of Roma crafts and craftsmen. From archaic to contemporary

    Good news from one of the members of the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership: the Mesteshukar ButiQ store displays a new presentation. “Evolution of Roma crafts and craftsmen” is an exhibition dedicated to the performance and artistry of the Roma artisans in self-improving their products by working with international designers. It’s an exhibition that summarizes two years […]more

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    Impossible Dialogues 2: Contested Memories, Conflicting Presences

    A few years back Framer Framed came into contact with the PATTERNS Lectures programme, initiated by ERSTE Foundation. Under this programme, artists, researchers and curators are asked to develop new university courses for Central and Eastern European universities, in the fields of artistic research, art history, cultural theory and cultural studies. The programme fills an existing gap […]more
  • Social Development

    Multimedia for Livelihoods: From Sacele, with love

    The ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership is about opportunities for developing livelihoods: to create jobs and generate incomes from community initiatives that could become more sustainable than top-down measures. We are trying to link Roma with non-Roma population groups, give catalytic inputs and access to other push-pull intervention mechanisms, including micro-finance groups, institutional investments and bank […]more
  • © Siegfried Zaworka, Klasse Bernhard Martin, 2015, Raststätte Walserberg


    Salzburg Summer Academy 2016: The New Fellows of the Fellowship for Curators & Artists

    ERSTE Foundation offers five fellowships for young artists and five fellowships for emerging curators from Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovak Republic to take part in a course of their choice at the International  Summer Academy of Fine Arts in  Salzburg 2016 (18 July – 27 August 2016). The fellowships are designed for artists and […]more
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    tranzit.sk: Small/Big World

    This project is based on the observation that our society, including the art world, is made up of small groups of people, close-friend circles where everybody knows everybody. A few external links connect these groups and prevent them from being isolated. These are the so-called “weak-ties” (Mark Granovetter), i.e., links to people who frequent different […]more
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    Vienna: “Universal Hospitality”. Exhibition and Open Forum

    “Universal Hospitality” is this year’s “Into the City”-event of the Wiener Festwochen, the big Vienna Festival in spring. “Universal Hospitality” consists of an exhibition and an open forum for discussions and networking. The programme relates to the current massive migration movements. The title refers to the humanist ideas of Enlightenment being stripped away, it seems, […]more
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    Artist in Residence, May 2016: Lőrinc Borsos

    Lőrinc Borsos from Hungary is the Artist in Residence at the Q21 / MuseumsQuartier in Vienna for the month of May 2016: In her current project, she would like to explore the period of the creation of Austrian identity from the early 20th century until the present, with special respect to the similarities and concordances […]more