Starting 17 October, the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova in Ljubljana is hosting the 1:1 STOPOVER, an art project that is part of the events organised by Maska Institute in order to mark its 20th anniversary.

Not interested in showcasing art, 1:1 is better called a stopover for art than an exhibition, since 1:1 art can never be wholly contained in the time frame of an event.

The focus of the 1:1 STOPOVER is the relationship between art and life, and art and institution. When on a scale of 1:1, art not only describes life, it is one with it. This relation can be disrupted by the institution, which is often thought to divorce art from life. Not so, however, when the institution itself tries to establish a similar one-to-one relationship with art by no longer merely representing it, but instead treating it as a partner.

One of the major issues addressed by the 1:1 STOPOVER  is the relation between the event providing the framework for the presentation of art and the duration of the art. Because, 1:1 art can last months, years, even decades. 1:1 art follows the rhythm of life, finding realization in various moments and forms of its existence that not even the artists can always fully control. 1:1 art has a past, a present, a future, and sometimes also an end, a death (when the artist deliberately destroys his or her work). It is never a wholly finalized product, and this makes 1:1 only a moment in the duration of 1:1 art. When an institution acknowledges its own inability to represent the complex temporality of 1:1 art in all of its life forms, it can only offer a place where such art can become a public good, a place where its various users can come together. This point of connection is the place of common interests, where the roles of curator, artist, and audience are often swapped or overlap.

1:1 is part of the Three Orders of Time event organized by Maska between 15 and 19 October 2013 to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Opening: 17 October 2013, 8pm
Duration: 17 October 2013 – 12 January 2014
Curator:  Zdenka Badovinac
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (+MSUM), Maistrova 3, Ljubljana