“Our House”, Esztergom: 10 Year Anniversary

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10 March 2012, starting at 4 pm
Location:  Mindszenty József Katolikus Általános Iskola – 2500 Esztergom, Kiss János altábornagy út. 1, Hungary

The community centre Our House, part of KomenskýFond network, celebrates its 10th anniversary on 10 March 2012. Since 2002, the center has been supporting the development and education of Roma children and young adults from Esztergom. The anniversary events, taking place at the Mindszenty József Catholic School, include traditional dances, film screening, and a photo exhibition portraying the center’s activity in the past 10 years: after-school tutoring and study sessions, as well as leisure activities, all of them aiming at children’s better integration and access to the labor market in the future.

KomenskýFond is an initiative of ERSTE Foundation and Caritas, which supports people who are in difficult social and economic circumstances in getting educational opportunities, with the final purpose of escaping poverty.